Bob Proctor’s 6 Minutes to Success: Review

Bob Proctor’s 6 Minutes to Success is a program that will help you to form new habits which will lead you to more success in every area of your life. Find out more about Bob and his program in this review.


Why Bob Proctor?


Bob Proctor is one of the most inspiring mentors I could ever find. No one has changed my life in the way Bob has, and that is because of his knowledge and his capability to teach it in such a way, that it really penetrates every cell in your body.


What you learn from Bob are not only the secrets to become a successful person and earn more money. If you listen with all your being you can get insights to the truth of who we really are and therefore gain the clarity you need to have success in every area of your life.

Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor’s teachings are changing your life to the fullest and that is how we all should live. We should expand and grow, and we should express ourselves to the fullest. Like Bob says: „Your spiritual DNA is perfect“ and if you live according to the Laws of the Universe you will live a life of success and freedom, you will wake up eager to start your day and you will be energized throughout the day.

To me, no one has ever explained so clear how our mind works and why it is,  that we get the results we get and not those we want. Bob elaborates on the subconscious and conscious mind, on how we are programmed and act according to our paradigms. He speaks about the things we can do to change these paradigms, to eventually live the life we always wanted to live.

It’s something about his energy, I guess, because I only need to watch a few minutes with Bob and I’m absolutely inspired to start to work on my goals and immediately take actions.


I absolutely recommend Bob’s teachings because you will learn so much about yourself, how you are programmed and why you act the way you do. It is easier to change habits and beliefs if you know why you have gathered them and how they operate in you.


To know that you are the master of your mind and you can achieve everything you want, gives you control throughout every aspect of your life. Whether it is work, your relationship or your health – you can use this knowledge for everything that is important to you.

6 Minutes to Success Bob Proctor

6 Minutes to Success – The Program


6 Minutes to Success Bob Proctor


The 6 Minutes to Success program contains of the following:

Today’s lesson – A new video every morning

Bob says that how you start your day makes all the difference. If you start your day right, everything will work in your favour.

Bob Proctor 6 Minutes to Success 3That’s why the 6 Minutes to Success program provides you every morning with a new short video (3 to 6 minutes) and an idea. Think of how you can use this idea and work on it. That’s how you expand in your knowledge, you form a new habit and get new results by changing your old paradigms.

Every video comes with an audio file, which is great because you can listen to the lesson again in public transportation, when you go to the store or while you’re jogging. Repetition is key to get the new program into your subconscious mind.

Also there is a pdf transcript if you like to read what you have heard. I like that because it helps me if I can see and mark the words and maybe add something I’ve researched.


The Success Starter Kit:

The Goals Workbook with Seven lessons that will help you to find out what it is that you really want, how to set goals and be consistent and stay with them until you achieve them.


“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.”
― Earl Nightingale –

You will learn about gratitude and how it effects your progress and the Action planner provides you with information about the Laws of the Universe and how to align with them.

You will gather great knowledge which will effect every area in your life!

Bob Proctor 6 Minutes to Success 4

There are also 60 minutes of video material that give a better perspective on what the whole Six Minutes to Success Program is all about.

There is a Video Library where Every Today’s Lesson will be stored and gives you access to the previous material.


The user can Bookmark each video lesson, because there are always videos which have great impact on your former belief systems and you want to repeat them over and over again until you have fully ingrained the new information. And to immediately find them you can bookmark them.

In the Member Resources section you will find a collection of 19 downloadable scripts and books, including Bob Proctor’s You Were Born Rich, as well as Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. I highly recommend those books, especially because Napoleon Hill’s book was the reason for Bob’s life change.

There is a Help Section which provides you with 24/7 support from personnel at the Proctor-Gallagher Institute.


6 Minutes to Success – Programs and Prices


If you are interested in the program, before you can purchase you GET FREE VIDEOS via E-Mail from the proctorgallagher institute and afterwards there is a two weeks trial of Six Minutes to Success for just $1. After those two weeks the Basic program will cost $29.97/month.

This is not even $1 per day! Could you save this $1 by taking the small coffee instead of the grande? Think of the success and the money you will gain by saving just $1 a day and investing it in this program. It is an investment in your future and your fullfillment from my point of perspective.

There’s also a Premium account, which includes 600 minutes of extra video material for the price of $99.97 per month.

Become the best you and live the life of your dreams! –> Check out the FREE VIDEOS

Bob Proctor 6 Minutes to success 2That is the reason why I recommend this program. I think many of us lived a second-hand life, doing what we were told to and never living to our fullest potential. No wonder that we become depressed and frustrated and don’t know where we are going.

Bob Proctor changed my view on life and what is more important on myself. To understand that it is in our hand to live the way we always wanted to live, that we decide how we think and react, and that it is possible to achieve everything we desire.

Become open minded, start having dreams again and imagine who you want to be. What do you really want? What is it that you desire?


„Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.“

– Napoleon Hill – 

Change your mind. Change your life. Become fullfilled and happy. For every person that is happy and fullfilled can shine his or her light on others. What a wonderful life we could have on this planet if we would really grasp this.


Don’t miss this opportunity! Get the FREE VIDEOS and make up your mind!


I wish you all the best on your way and a life full of abundance and happiness.


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